Pollitt's Pick: Donate Your Books to Raise Money for the Equal Access Fund of Tennessee

Pollitt writes:

The Equal Access Fund of Tennessee helps low-income women pay for their abortions. It is an entirely volunteer group that operates under the umbrella of the National Network of Abortion Funds. It is truly amazing that even a few hundred dollars could make such a life-changing difference, but that is the way life is for many, many girls and women.

EAF is having a book sale to raise money. It's the perfect way to pass along all those books cluttering your shelves that you keep meaning to read and somehow never do! Why not let someone else enjoy them? If you happen to work in publishing or media, perhaps you can donate some new books hanging around the office.

The books that did best at last year's sale were: new novels and nonfiction paperbacks, mysteries, cooking, current events, travel and women's issues. The sale is in December, and they can accept books between now and the first week in December.

The address is:

523 N. Bertrand Street
Suite 103
Knoxville TN 37917

Questions? Write the Fund at equalaccessfund@gmail.com. Can't bear to part with a single book? No time to get to the post office? You can donate at the website.