Pollitt in Der Spiegel: On Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, the Women's Movement, and the Questionable Choice of Breast Implants

From the in-depth and characteristically lively interview:

SPIEGEL: What excites people about Sarah Palin?

Pollitt: They feel that she is likeable. They can relate to her because she seems ordinary, warm, enthusiastic. If Sarah Palin was my neighbor, I might like her too -- but as a potential President? It's shocking to me that people would vote for someone because they think he or she is "like me." Oh, Sarah Palin is a mom, I am a mom, so I will vote for her. That is irresponsible.
SPIEGEL: What about the symbolic value that a woman in the White House would have held for women in the US?

Pollitt: The funny thing is that I have spent my life saying, yes, I am for women in power, and then often when push comes to shove, when you actually look at the candidates, I will back the one who is more honest and more competent and has the better political program. And sometimes the man will be better, like Obama, and then I can't justify not voting for him. Sure, I would give two percent to gender in a political race ...

SPIEGEL: Only two percent?

Pollitt: Yes, I think that is a lot. Because the important thing is what are you going to do in office. Gender alone is not enough.