"Katha Pollitt's Poetry Examines Life’s Small Moments"

Robert Cremins of the Houston Chronicle just wrote an excellent review of The Mind-Body Problem:

"Whether she is re-imagining the lost city of Atlantis or refocusing familiar stories from the Bible, Pollitt’s constant concern is to examine the prosaic underpinnings of life, the “small daily moments / of beauty, renewal, calm” that sustain us when “we’ve lost our moment of grandeur” or grown “tired of transcendence.” She observes that while “in theory” we long for lives that are “hard and pure, like marble statues,” most of us are most of the time “content to be at home in this crumbling / city of appearances and salsa.” In Visitors, the dead return not to haunt or denounce us, "but just to take pleasure in everyday life.' "

Read the full review here.