Who Gets Blasted for Writing Intimate Memoirs, Women or Men?

Bestselling author Jennifer Weiner has been reading both--and reviews of both. Read her fascinating blog post, in which she poses the question:

What would happen if a woman wrote the same kind of confessional memoir about busting up a marriage, shucking her kids and spouse like old clothes, diving into drugs or porn and/or ending up homeless? My guess is that the critical reaction (curated, as it is, mostly by middle-aged white guys) would not be nearly as approving.

But why guess?

Here’s what the New York Times had to say about Katha Pollitt, who confessed to much milder sins (Google-stalking an ex) in her collection of essays, LEARNING TO DRIVE....

Keep reading to find out what the reviewer--a woman, which makes it all even more interesting--wrote, and what Weiner has to say about it.