Give to Barack Obama at My Fundraising Page, and You Get Something, Too!

Here's a personal note from Katha Pollitt in this crucial election season:

Please visit my personal fundraising page for Barack Obama. If you donate $50 or more, I'll send you a signed copy of the brand-new paperback of my book Learning to Drive, with its colorful cheerful book-club-friendly cover. (Send me your address if you take me up on this.)

As of September 20, a generous philosopher has offered to match donations of $100 or more, up to $500. I am in such awe! This is someone who jokes that thanks to the financial meltdown slashing his TIAA-CREF account he won't be able to retire till he's 90.

The matching funds are in addition to the book offer. Coming next...ginsu knives? the miracle bamboo strainer? You can visit the page and donate here. Thanks so much!