Pollitt on Race, Gender, and Policy (Oh, That!) in the Presidential Election

Pollitt takes part in a dialogue for the L.A. Times:

Today's question: How, if at all, does Hillary Clinton fit into the modern feminist movement? Did the Clinton-Obama contest really raise important questions about gender and race? All week, authors Amanda Marcotte and Katha Pollitt discuss contemporary feminism in politics, in pop culture and outside the Western world.

Here's Pollitt from the "Dust-Up"'s first day:

I can't tell you how many reporters have interviewed me for stories about "why women are divided about Clinton." How about a story explaining "why men are divided about John McCain"? In fact, gender as a factor in men's voting is one of many elephants in the political room, even as male (and female) candidates slaughter innocent wildlife, sit through endless NASCAR races and profess their love of hot dogs and beer.

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