An Open Letter From American Feminists: The Updated List of Signatories, and How to Sign

On January 20, Katha Pollitt published "An Open Letter From American Feminists" on her Nation blog, "And Another Thing." There are more than 1,341 names on the list to date, and counting.

Since signatures keep coming in, both the letter and list of names have been moved here, and we're adding new signatures (in alphabetical order) and affiliations as they're emailed in. Want to add yours? Just send an email, and, in Pollitt's words:

"Be sure to include how you would like to be identified; for example, writer, professor (with department and university), activist, astronaut, parent, movie star. If you are active with a feminist/progressive or global organization or NGO, that would be a good thing to mention. I would like the list to show that all sorts of women, and men, are feminists and how many are actively working for women's human rights. And yes, men can sign!"