In These Times: New Book Is "Compulsively Readable"

Phoebe Connelly writes in In These Times:

Pollitt’s fourth book—preceded by three collections of essays and a volume of poetry—turns the tables, bringing her sharp wit and clear prose to bear on her own life. It is about, among other things, infidelity, breakups, motherhood, alcoholism and pornography. And it may be the best political work you’ll pick up this year. (Read the full review, and see this related essay by In These Times's Susan J. Douglas.)

Meanwhile, Ron Rosenbaum writes on his blog:

Anyway, although I don’t know her well, this is a way of saying I know her through a series of thought-provoking arguments, that I’ve admired her engaging form of argumentation which have distinguished her polemics in The Nation. I admired for rising above the plodding polemical ruck.

But I felt she’s reached a whole new level, a real breakthrough in her work in her recent personal history stories collected now in Learning to Drive. (Read the full post.)