An Open Letter from American Feminists, and Signatures to Date

With advice and counsel from the History in Action e-mail list, I wrote up the Open Letter below to protest the way the media slanders the women's movement as indifferent to the human rights of women in the developing and/or Muslim world. Fact: it’s feminists who first identified atrocities against women around the world--female genital mutilation, forced marriage, child marriage, spousal violence, rape--as violations of human rights, not family matters or customs of no state importance. It is feminists who have consistently pushed for women’s rights to education, health care, and legal and social equality and who've pushed organizations from the UN to Amnesty International to broaden their perspective to include women’s rights to be free from violence and coercion. “Women’s rights are human rights” was not a slogan dreamed up by David Horowitz or Christina Hoff Sommers.

In only four days, the Open Letter has gathered 700 signatures [and now more than 1,341]. It’s been signed by people from all walks of life and every part of the country: writers, scholars, students, activists, leaders of feminist organizations and global health organizations, doctors, nurses, kindergarten teachers, clergypeople, stay-home mothers, and so on and on--to say nothing of a whole bunch of people who simply describe themselves as “feminist.”

If you'd like to sign, send your name to me at kpollitt[*AT*], and be sure to include how you would like to be identified; for example, writer, professor (with department and university), activist, astronaut, parent, movie star. if you are active with a feminist/progressive or global organization or NGO, that would be a good thing to mention. I would like the list to show that all sorts of women, and men, are feminists and how many are actively working for women's human rights. And yes, men can sign!

An Open Letter from American Feminists

Columnists and opinion writers from The Weekly Standard to the Washington Post to Slate have recently accused American feminists of focusing obsessively on minor or even nonexistent injustices in the United States while ignoring atrocities against women in other countries, especially the Muslim world. A number of reasons are given for this supposed neglect: narcissism, ideological rigidity, reflexive anti-Americanism, fear of seeming insensitive or even racist. Yet what is the evidence for this apparently now broadly accepted claim that feminists don't support the struggles of women around the globe? It usually comes down to a quick scan of the home page of the National Organization for Women's website, observing that a particular writer hasn't covered a particular outrage, plus a handful of quotes wrenched out of context.

In fact, as a bit of research would easily show, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of US feminist organizations involved in promoting women's rights and well-being around the globe--V-Day, Equality Now, MADRE, the Global Fund for Women, the International Women’s Health Coalition and Feminist Majority, to name some of the most prominent. (The National Organization for Women itself has a section on its website devoted to global feminism, on which it denounces a wide array of practices including female genital mutilation (FGM), “honor” murder, trafficking, dowry deaths and domestic violence). Feminists at Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the United Nations have moved those organizations to add the rights of women and girls to their agenda. Feminist magazines and blogs--Ms. magazine,,’s Broadsheet column, (which has an edition in Arabic)--as well as feminist reporters and commentators in the mainstream media, regularly report on and condemn outrages against women wherever they occur, from rape, battery and murder in the US to the denial of women’s human rights in the developing or Muslim world.

As feminists, we call on journalists and opinion writers to report the true position of our movement. We believe that women's rights are human rights, and stand in solidarity with our sisters who are fighting for equal political, economic, social and reproductive rights around the globe. Specifically, contrary to the accusations of pundits, we support their struggle against female genital mutilation, "honor" murder, forced marriage, child marriage, compulsory Islamic dress codes, the criminalization of sex outside marriage, brutal punishments like lashing and stoning, family laws that favor men and that place adult women under the legal power of fathers, brothers, and husbands, and laws that discount legal testimony made by women. We strongly oppose the denial of education, health care and equal political and economic rights to women.

We reject the use of women's rights language to justify invading foreign countries. Instead, we call on the United States government to live up to its expressed commitment to women's rights through peaceful means. Specifically, we call upon it to:

• offer asylum to women and girls fleeing gender-based persecution, including female genital mutilation, domestic violence, and forced marriage;

• promote women's rights and well-being in all their foreign policy and foreign aid decisions;

• use its diplomatic powers to pressure its allies--especially Saudi Arabia, one of the most oppressive countries in the world for women--to embrace women's rights;

• drop the Mexico City policy--a.k.a. the "gag rule"--which bars funds for AIDS- related and contraception-related health services abroad if they provide abortions, abortion information, or advocate for legalizing abortion;

• generously support the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which supports women's reproductive health including safe maternity around the globe, and whose funding is vetoed every year by President Bush;

• become a signatory to The Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the basic UN women's human rights document, now signed by 185 nations. The US is one of a handful of holdouts, along with Iran, Sudan, and Somalia.

Finally, we call upon the United States, and all the industrialized nations of the West, to share their unprecedented wealth, often gained at the expense of the developing world, with those who need it in such a way that women benefit.


Katha Pollitt, writer
Marge Piercy, writer
Susan Faludi, writer
Alix Kates Shulman, writer
Julianne Malveaux, president, Bennett College for Women
Anne Lamott, writer
Mary Gordon, writer
Linda Gordon, historian, NYU
Jennifer Baumgardner, writer
Ruth Rosen, historian
Jane Smiley, writer
Anna Fels, MD, psychiatrist and writer
Debra Dickerson, writer
Margo Jefferson, writer
Jessica Valenti, writer
Dana Goldstein, The American Prospect
Karen Houppert, writer
Gloria Jacobs, The Feminist Press
Carole Joffe, professor of sociology, UC Davis
Janet Afary, Middle East historian, Purdue University

And more than 700 more women and men. [As of February 25, 2008, there were more than 1,341 names, and counting.]

Please add your name to this powerful list, and thanks.


Robyn Aagesen, Engineer
Cidney Aae, feminist
Sidney Abbott, president, Women's Rights Are Human Rights
Laura A. Abdi, geologist, writer, wife, expectant mother
Roula AbiSamra, health educator
Jennifer Abod, Ph.D., independent video producer
Emily Abt, filmmaker, Pureland Pictures
Liz J. Abzug, activist/professor
Scott C. Adams, composer
Carole Adams, associate professor of history and women's studies
Janet Afary, Middle East historian, Purdue University
Randy Albelda, economist, UMass-Boston
Peter Albertson, retired medical writer and editor
Malaika King Albrecht, writer
Healther Albright, Churchville PA
Gale Hathcock Albright, retired university staffer, writer
Martha Alderson, member Loretto Women's Network
Dorothy Alexander, attorney
Martha Allen, director, Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press
Dorothy Allison, writer
Frances Almengual, mother, wife, daughter, friend, and sales agent
Rika Alper, assistant professor, Montclair State University
Chantal Lévi Alvarès-Fujiwara, internationalist
Julia Alvarez, writer
Brady Amoon, self-supporting artist
Lisa M. Amoroso, Roosevelt College of Business Administration, board member, IMPACT Chicago
Susan M. Andersen, professor, NYU
Dr. Robin Andersen, professor of Communication and Media Studies, Fordham
Krista Anderson, student, Oregon
Bonnie S. Anderson, professor emerita, CUNY
Karin Anderson, reproductive rights activist and parent, Portland ME
Dee E. Andrews, History Department, CSU East Bay
Dee E. Andrews, historian, CSU East Bay
Zelle W. Andrews, former President of NOW-New York State
Claudia Angelos, professor, NYU Law School
Nicole Angresano, non-profit director
Carol Anshaw, writer
Joyce Antler, historian, Brandeis University
Emily Apter, literary theorist, NYU
Bettina Aptheker, professor feminist studies, UC Santa Cruz
Christine Aquilino, clinical social worker and freelance writer
Zehra F.K. Arat, professor of political science, Purchase College.
Judith Arcana, writer
Rita Arditti, co-founder of the Women's Community Cancer Project and long-term human rights activist
Toni Armstrong Jr., editor/teacher/organizer/musician
Judi Aronowitz, Clinical Social Worker
Veronica I. Arreola, Ctr for Research on Women & Gender, U Ill-Chicago
Sharon Arslanian, prof. Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, MA
Bonnie Arthur, retired writer, teacher, and political activist, Petaluma CA
Esther-Ann Asch, vice president of community and foundation relations, FEGS
Carole Ashkinaze, editor/writer
Jeanie McKevitt Aspiras, Scottsdale AZ
Ben Atherton-Zeman, Acton MA, actor, comedian, feminist and husband
Ti-Grace Atkinson, feminist
Barbara Attie, documentary filmmaker
Nina Auerbach, Department of English, U Penn
Joe Austen, Law Students for Reproductive Justice member
Tali Averbuch, nursing student, University of Pennsylvania
Jo Averill-Snell, library staff, U South Florida, artistic dir. Alley Cat Players
Cassandra B., National Domestic Violence Hotline
Nancy Bacon, program director, Bahia Street
Eleanor Bader, writer and educator
M. V. Lee Badgett, economist, U Mass., Amherst
Deirdre Bair, writer, independent scholar
Barbara L. Baker, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Communication, University of Central Missouri
Katharine Baker, visiting faculty, Religion & Philosophy Southwestern U
Martha Baker, board member, Women's Rights are Human Rights
Lyda Baker, feminist
Barbara Baker, feminist
Jennifer M. Baldé, Asylum Network Coordinator, Physicians for Human Rights
Jennifer Ball, PhD., assoc. prof of economics, Washburn U School of Business
Terence Ball, prof. political science, Arizona State University
Natalie Ballard, writer/proofreader
Lee Ann Banaszak, political science and women's studies, Penn St U
Claire Bangasser, a Catholic woman
Rosemary Barberet, associate professor, Sociology Department, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Ruby Baresch,feminist
Evelyn Barish, professor emerita, Eng, CUNY
Joanne Barkan, writer
Drucilla K. Barker, director of women's studies, University of S. Carolina
Rosalind C. Barnett, psychologist
Debbie Barr, educator and member, League of Women Voters
Michele Barry, professor of medicine and global health, Yale
Patricia Barry, feminist
Kathleen C. Barry Ph.D., board member, Women Donors’ Network; national advisor, Global Fund for Women
Ann Bartow, associate professor, University of South Carolina School of Law
Bill Baskin, Ph.D., Associate Provost and Director of Writing, Purchase College
Sharon Bauer, psychotherapist
Ellen Bauer, student
Jennifer Baumgardner, writer
Rosalyn Baxandall, chair, American Studies SUNY, Old Westbury
Jo Beachy, CSA farmer and flower grower, feminist
Mary Ann Beall, feminist activist
Rev. Holly Vincent Bean, member, Judson Church
Holly Vincent Bean, feminist
Brigitte Bechtold, prof. sociology, director, Center for Research on Poverty, Central Michigan U
Judith A. Beck, retired assoc. prof and director of women's studies, Georgian Court U
Richard G. Beck, feminist
Rhea Becker, activist, Stop Porn Culture
Barbara Becker, principal, EqualShot, New York
Gary B. Beckwith, Camden ME
Gillian Bell, artist and reproductive rights activist
Susannah Bell, child care center administrative assistant
Adam B. Bell, photographer
Deborah Moncrief Bell, Feminist, Lesbian, President of Texas NOW
Ilona Bell, professor, Williams College
Rykie E. Belles, actor
Halina Bendkowski, feminist
Helen Benedict, writer/professor
Mary E. Benefiel
Patricia Beninato, webmaster,
Greg Benison, biologist, Oregon State U.
Hannah Bennett, mother, feminist and former co-pres. Seattle NOW
Judith M. Bennett, historian, University of Southern California
Trude Bennett, Maternal and Child Health, UNC-Chapel Hill
Ophelia Benson, writer and editor, Butterflies and Wheels
Nell Beram, feminist
Barbara J. Berg, author, PhD Women's History
Melody Berger, writer and blogger
Jeffrey Berger, photojournalist, former director/producer (retired) of documentary films
Kathleen Stassen Berger, author and CUNY professor
Suzanne Bergeron, chair, women's and gender studies, University of Michigan Dearborn
Kay V. Bergin, still a feminist at 86
Barbara R. Bergmann, professor emerita, economics, UMd and American U
Nancy Berke, asst. professor, English, LaGuardia College, City University of New York
Carol Berkin, presidential professor of history, Baruch College & The Graduate Center, CUNY
Helene Benardo, retired teacher, photographer
Alicia Bernier, stay at home mom
Louise Bernikow, author
Anita Bernstein, professor, Brooklyn Law School
Maria Bevacqua, chair, women's studies, MSU-Mankato
Tricia Bevan, retired educator, public relations
Barbara Bick, U.S. representative, NAGAR, Afghan women's organization; a founder, Women Strike for Peace
Taina Bien-Aimé, executive director, EQUALITY NOW
Deborah Billings, researcher, Ipas (
Sallie Bingham, writer
Bobbie Birleffi, producer/director
Alan Black, writer
Anna Black, writer
Mary Kay Blakely, author and essayist, Missouri School of Journalism
Susan Blakey, admin. exec. and blogger
Dori Dietz Blitz, educator, advisor to the peace and social action club at my high school
Ruth Bloch, historian, UCLA
Naomi Dagen Bloom, elderblogger
Belinda Blum, artist
Carolyn Patty Blum, professor emerita, Boalt Hall Law School
Amy Blumenthal, professor, Oakton Community College
Julie Clark Boak, writer/screenwriter
Barbara Bolten, feminist mother of two boys
Angela Bonavoglia, journalist/author
Ellen Boneparth, former prof, political science, U Hawaii-Hilo
Priscilla J. Bonnell, UC Berkeley graduate student in sociology, plumber, boxer, feminist
Heather Booth, Veteran Feminists of America
Angela Borges, doctoral student in counseling psychology, Boston College
Eileen Boris, Hull professor, women's studies UC Santa Barbara
Heather Boushey, economist
Angela Bowen, professor of women's studies
Sam Boyd, writer
Gina Boyer, producer
Sandra K. Boyer, commercial printer
Ana Bozicevic, poet, New York City
Tara Bracco, writer and founder of Poetic People Power
Mike Bradley, technical writer, Alternate U, National Writers Union
Lila Braine, professor emerita, Barnard College
Ruth Brandwein, professor, Dir. Social Justice Ctr, Stony Brook U
Kate Brassel, attorney
Linda Braun, network administrator in northern VA
Katherine Brausch, feminist, student activist, and active member of the Democratic Socialists of America
Nora Bredes, director, Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Leadership
Judy Breen, professor emerita, English Dept, San Francisco State
Winifred Breines, professor of Sociology Northeastern University
Vicki Breitbart, health activist
Nancy Gilbert Brenner, board of directors of Hardy Girls Healthy Women
Janet Brent, graphic designer
Katie Bretsch, retired environmental manager, artist, and proud feminist since 1968
Nicole Brice, feminist
Martha Bridegam, attorney, writer
Carol Brightman, writer
Damaris Brisco, massage therapist
Anne E. Brodsky, psychology professor, University of MD, Baltimore County
Andrea Bronson, writer
Shifra Bronznick, Advancing Women Professionals & the Jewish Community
Nwabueze Brooks, human rights activist, anarchist
Cindy Brown, M.D., Port Townsend, WA
Lyn Mikel Brown, educator/author; founder, Hardy Girls Healthy Women
Rachel M. Brownstein, CUNY
Karen Brudney, M.D., director, Infectious Diseases Clinic, Columbia University Medical Center
Elizabeth Brunazzi, writer, cultural historian, member, Women Writing Women's Lives
Barbara S. Bryant, adjunct professor, Sexual Harassment Law, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
Tracy Bryant, teacher
Katie Buckland, exec. director, California Women's Law Center
Lee Buckley, teacher
Howard Bujese, grandfather
Charlotte Bunch, exec. director, Center for Women's Global Leadership, Rutgers
Mary Stewart Burgher, Houston, TX
Teresa Burgun, activist, Code Pink
Betty Burnett, Ph.D., historian
Rebecca Busselle, writer
Margaret Butler, Exec. Director, Portland Jobs with Justice
Alison Butler, Willamette University
Allene "Scotty" Butler, retired health and safety professional
Sarah Buzanowski, historian
Carolyn M. Byerly, Ph.D., feminist media scholar
Kyla Bynum
Teresa Cader, poet
Leslie Cagan, national coordinator, United for Peace and Justice
Jane Califf, teacher
Dr. Jennifer D. Callahan, medical editor, University of Chicago Press
Joanne Callahan, writer
Laura Callow, feminist
Mary Baine Campbell, feminist
Patricia B. Campbell, PhD educational researcher
Rosette Capotorto, writer/teacher
Roane Carey, senior editor, The Nation
Rosalyn Carlos, Artist, Entrepreneur, Martial Artist
Kathryn Carmichael, parent, feminist, concerned citizen, professional
Hildie Carney, assistant to Betty Friedan (deceased), VFA
Lynette Carpenter, educator, English, Ohio Wesleyan University
Nuala Carpenter, feminist
Cynthia Carr, writer
Chelsea Carr, cartoonist
Nina Carroll, MD., gynecologist
Monica J. Casper, director, Women's and Gender Studies,Vanderbilt
Serena Castaldi, Global Fund for Women, Women for Women International
Kristi Cates, young adult librarian
Sarah Cavanaugh, scientist, Pennsylvania
Mary Ann Caws, distinguished professor, English, French, Comp Lit, Grad Ctr, CUNY
Arlene Cayer, NOW activist
Jacqui Ceballos, president, Veteran Feminists of America
Rebecca Chabot, student, regional coordinator for Women's Ordination Conference, Call to Action member
Karen Ann Chafee, feminist
Rebecca Chalker, adjunct professor of women's and gender studies
Courtney Chambers, parent
Jules Chametzky, professor emeritus, UMass/Amherst
Lenora Champagne, writer and performer
Emmeline Chang, writer
Cheryl Chapman, teacher, writer
Deborah A. Chappie, believer in human rights
Lakshmi Chaudhry, writer
Marian Chen, post-doctoral fellow, Northwestern University
Melissa Chepuru, feminist
Laura Cherry, technical writer and poet
Bell Chevigny, writer
Priscilla Chism, founder, Memphis Center for Reproductive Health
Kimberly Christensen, associate professor of economics and gender studies, Purchase College/SUNY
Joyce Chumbley, Ph.D., educator and activist
Robin Fisher Cisne, feminist
Anna Clark, writer
Jessica Clark, editor-at-large, In These Times
Andrea L. Clark, economist, feminist
Darlene Clark Hine, professor of African American Studies and History, Northwestern University
Jan Clausen, poet, novelist
Ina Clausen, "disabled" worker, union, women's activist
Sandra Clayman, citizen
Elayne Clift, sr. correspondent, Women's Feature Service, activist, adjunct professor
Catherine Clinton, chair professor of U.S. History, Queens University Belfast
Patricia Cloutier, woman
Dorothy Sue Cobble, Rutgers University
Judith Coburn, writer
Margaret Coel, writer
Belinda Coello, student
Catherine Coenen, activist-student
Steve Coffman, Software Engineer at the University of Michigan
Nancy Cohen, filmmaker and writer
Dr. Steven Colatrella, feminist
Sheila Collins, professor, political science William Paterson University
Jean Colman, feminist
Janna Comeau, teacher
Rosemary Condon, feminist
Roxanne Barton Conlin, attorney
Sharon Conlon feminist
Noreen Connell, former president of NOW-NYS and NOW-NYC
Paige Connell, feminist
Lauren Connolly, law student
Carol Connolly, Saint Paul Poet Laureate
Elizabeth Connor, retired teacher
Kathleen Conway, D.A, Teacher of English, grandmother
Anna J. Cook, student
Blanche Wiesen Cook, distinguished professor, John Jay & Grad Center, CUNY
Susan Cook, EdD Psychologist and Maine Democratic Party activist
Cynthia L. Cooper, "words of choice"
Sandi E. Cooper, professor of history, CUNY at Staten Island and The Graduate School; former president, Berkshire Conference of Women Historians
Rhonda Copelon, professor of Law, International Women's Human Rights Law Clinic, CUNY Law School
Marti Copleman, lawyer, board member Women for Afghan Women
Allen Corben, co-chair, National Organization for Men Against Sexism
Drucilla Cornell, profesor of political science, women's studies, comp lit, Rutgers.
Clare Coss, playwright
Andrea Cote, activist
Gillian Grace Coulter, writer and activist mother
Cathy C. Courtney, founder, Detroit FWHC, Educator
Owen Cox, feminist
Caty Crabb, clinical herbalist
Margaret E. Crahan, professor & human rights activist
Betty "Jean" Craig, TX NOW
Sarah Crane, researcher and student, George Mason University
Leslie Creed, student, former relief worker for the Women's Crisis Center of South Arkansas
Margaret S. Crocco, professor, Teachers College, Columbia
Joan Crowley, Department of Criminal Justice, New Mexico State University
Ruth Cserr, landscape artist, feminist activist, mother, NH
Carolanne Curry, feminist, campaign activist/consultant
Dean B Curtis, writer/filmmaker
Pauline A. Curtis-Bookwalter, Business Manager and Feminist
Heather M. Dalmage, director, Mansfield Institute for Social Justice, professor of sociology Roosevelt U
Carol Ann Dalto, Chair, Psychology, Merrimack College
Catherine Daly, writer
Meg Daly, writer
Betsy Damon, eco-activist, artist
Sarina Dane, high school student
Yvonne Payne Daniel, professor emerita, Dance / Afro-American Studies, Smith
Kate Daniels, writer, Vanderbilt University
Kathleen Walsh D'Arcy, MSW/writer
Maeve D'Arcy, artist
Denise T. Dauphin, feminist
Marjorie David, writer/producer
Maggie Davidson, president, Democratic Women’s Club of NE Broward, Florida
Heather Davis, communications manager USAID | DELIVER PROJECT
Jackie Davis, Feminist
Marisa Davis, writer
Stephanie Davis, policy adviser, women's issues, office of the mayor, Atlanta
Christy Day, English professor, Salem State
Cornelia Hughes Dayton, historian, Univ. of Connecticut
Dominique De La Loza, college student and day care teacher
Joshua De Mers, activist
Helen De Michiel, filmmaker and Co-director, National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture
Donna de Varona, Olympic Gold medalist, advocate for Title IX
Meghan Deans, feminist
Jeff Deasy, entrepreneur
Constance DeCherney, New York Access Abortion Fund, member of the Board of Directors
Linda Dedman, attorney, member of Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation.
Natalia Deeb-Sossa, assistant prof sociology, UC Davis
Allison L. DeJong, development assistant, Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans
Marianne DeKoven, professor of English, Rutgers University
Dave Dell, Planned Parenthood patient escort
Michael DeLong, feminist
Ashlie Depinet, CIP
Daphne Derbyshire, Community Anti-Violence Alliance
Micaela di Leonardo, professor, anthropology, performance studies Northwestern
Francesca di Poppa, PhD; professor; philosophy department, Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX
Denise di Stephan, writer
Debra Dickerson, writer/blogger,
Laura Dickinson, professor, International Human Rights Law, U Conn School of Law
Kate Dilworth, special education teacher
Muriel Dimen, writer and psychoanalyst, NYU
Abigail Disney, philanthropist/activist/filmmaker
Joan Ditzion, co-founder, Boston Women's Health Book Collective, co-author, Our Bodies, Ourselves
Franklin Dmitriev, News and Letters Committees and the Memphis Women's Action Coalition
Alix Dobkin, the writer/singer
Barbara Dobkin, donor activist
Jacqueline Dodaro, grandmother
Julie Dominian, feminist, latham, NY
Liza Donnelly, New Yorker cartoonist, writer, women's studies professor, Vassar College
Terry Dorchak, citizen
Kris Dotto, Auditor/Writer, Phoenix, AZ
Sharon Doubiago, poet
Ariel Dougherty, Media Equity Collaborative, co-founder Women Make Movies
Dr. Lorraine Dowler, dept of geography and women's studies Penn St U
(The Rev.) Elizabeth Morris Downie, Episcopal priest
Marcy Doyle, MLS, information specialist/librarian
Aimee Doyle, Hyattsville, MD
Barbara J. Draa, blogger, DailyKos
Katherine Drabek, PhD
Robert Drago,
Sylvia Drake, theatre artist
Leeann Drees, student, Women's & Gender Studies, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Sally Drell, former aide to Betty Friedan, charter member National Women's Political Caucus
Barry Drummond, Gamelan ensemble director, Tufts
Ellen DuBois, professor of History, UCLA
Lynn Duggan, Labor Studies, Indiana U
Nikki Dulaney, feminist, Houston TX
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, professor Emeritus, California State University
Meg Dunlap, single parent
Rachel Blau DuPlessis, writer, professor, Temple
Karen Durbin, writer
Hayley Durfor, feminist, student at American University
Ruth Dwyer, feminist
Gretchen Dyer, exec director, Texas Equal Access Fund
Elana Dykewomon, writer
Sharon Dymond, software engineer
Mary Eccles, writer
Alice Echols, associate professor, English, USC
Jonathan Eddison, chairman, Center for Restorative Justice Works
Joanne Edgar, writer, editor
Anne Eggebroten, California State University, Northridge
Barbara Ehrenreich, writer
Luise Eichenbaum, psychotherapist, Co-founder, The Women's Therapy Centre Institute
Riane Eisler, writer, President, Center for Partnership Studies
Wendy Eisler-Kashy, musician
Ronnie Eldridge, feminist
Susan Eleuterio, a feminist, a mom, and a supporter of all human rights
Madeleine Elfenbein, journalist
Naela El-Hinnawy, ethnographer
Jane Woodward Elioseff, Veteran Feminists of America
Jan Eliot, Stone Soup Cartoons
Gretchen Elkins, U.S. citizen
Katherine Ellis, professor of English, Rutgers
April Emmert, feminist, President of North Dallas Chapter of National Organization for Women
Nancy Engbretsen Lind, Ph.D.
Deirdre English, director Felker Magazine Center Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley
Christy Day English, professor, Salem State
Cynthia Enloe, political scientist, Clark University
Eve Ensler, playwright
Julie R. Enszer, writer
Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, Distinguished professor, Graduate Center, CUNY, past president, American Sociological Association
Bruce A. Erickson, asst. prof., History, Le Moyne College
Lynn Estomin, documentary filmmaker and artist
Claryce Evans, teacher
Sara M. Evans, historian, University of Minnesota
Jodie Evans, co-founder CODEPINK: Women for Peace
Stacie Evans, writer, educator
Phyllis Ewen, artist
Elizabeth Ewen, distinguished teaching professor, SUNY College at Old Westbury, American Studies Department
Cindy Ewing, photographer
John Exdell, department of philosophy, Kansas State University
Judith Ezekiel, historian, Wright State U/U de Toulouse
Diane Fager, feminist
Marcia Falk, poet and translator
Susan Faludi, writer
Amy Erdman Farrell, women's studies and American Studies, Dickinson College
Marc Favreau, editorial director, The New Press
Julie Fay, professor of English, East Carolina University
Liza Featherstone, journalist/author
Jeff Fecke, writer
Susan Feiner, professor of economics and women's studies, USM
Gloria Feldt, author, activist
George M. Felis, Ph.D. candidate, philosophy U georgia
Ben Felix, feminist
Gordon Fellman, Prof Sociology, Brandeis
Anna Fels, MD, psychiatrist and writer
Marianne A. Ferber, feminist
Andrea Ferguson, one of those damned women's libbers for four decades and proud of it
Joan Ferrante, professor emerita of Comparative Literature, Columbia
Judith Ferster, North Carolina State University in Raleigh,
Jill Filipovic,
Annie Finch, writer
Luba Fineson, activist, National Organization for Women
Marcia Finical, writer
Michael Fiorello, Bridgeport, CT, public school teacher, union and LGBT rights activist
Soraya Field Fiorio, feminist, writer, musician
Christina Firpo, historian, CalPoly University
Cheryl J. Fish, assoc. prof, English, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Jean Fishbeck, president, ComputerWorks
Sally Fisher, activist, Founder Intersect Worldwide
Peggy Fitch, professor & chair of psychology, Central College (Pella, Iowa)
Alane D. Fitzgerald, technical writer
Nancy Folbre, professor of economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Barbara Foley, prof English, Rutgers-Newark, Chair, NOW-NJ Task Force on Combating Racism
Marcia Folsom, Harvard University
Marilyn Fowler, Women's Intercultural Network (WIN)
Heather Fowler-Salamini, Bradley University, history and women's studies
Muriel Fox, NOW co-founder; board chair, Veteran Feminists of America
Laura L. Frader, professor of history, Northeastern University
Matthew Francis, professor of physics, Lambuth University
Marion Rudin Frank, psychologist
Arvonne Fraser, co-founder, International Women's Rights Action Watch
Aquene Freechild, organizer, International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal
Marilyn French, writer
Winifred S. Freund, board member Women’s Leadership Fund/The White House Project
Sally Fri, consultant, public health
Bob Friddle, architect
Dawn Friedman, writer
Su Friedrich, filmmaker, professor, Princeton University
Amanda Frisken, professor, American History Suny Old Westbury
Julia Fromm, teacher and writer
Rachel Fudge, contributing editor, Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture
Sonia Pressman Fuentes, feminist activist, founder of NOW, writer, public speaker, and attorney
Nanette Funk, professor of philosophy, CUNY
Andrea Gabilondo, Choreographer and performer
Vicki Gabriner, dyed-in-the-wool feminist
Juliet Galant, art publisher, member, Take Back the Future
Steve Gale, Ph.D., psychologist, father, radical feminist
Nancy Gallagher, Chair, Middle East Studies Program, Professor of History, University of California, Santa Barbara
Roberta J. Galli, feminist, Hopkinsville Ky
Judith Kegan Gardiner, professor
Johanna Garfield, writer
Lila Garrott-Wejksnora, science fiction writer
Barbara Garson, playwright
Deborah Garston, feminist
Annie Laurie Gaylor, Freedom from Religion foundation
Maggie Geddes, Lawyer
Molly Geidel, Ph.D. student, American Studies, Boston U
Kathleen Geier, Ph.D. student in public policy, University of Chicago
Julie Geisel, financial manager, Domestic Violence Shelter
Esther K. Gelbard, treasurer, ERA Campaign Network
Cynthia D. Generous, disabled political activist and lifelong feminist
Katie Gentile, professor and Women's Center director, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Kathleen Gerson, sociologist, New York University
Deborah A. Gerson, labor studies, San Francisco State University
Selena Ghiotto, student
Tia Ghose, web production intern, Grist Magazine
Susan Gidding-Green, playwright
Celia Gilbert, poet
Karen Wendy Gilbert, writer & metaphysician
Ronnie Gilbert, singer, Women in Black
Marcia Ann Gillespie, writer
Carol Gilligan, professor of Humanities and Applied Psychology at NYU
Chris Gilmartin, associate professor of history and director of East Asian Studies, Northeastern University
Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore, historian, Yale University
Stephanie Gilmore, historian, Trinity College
Terri Ginsberg, film studies program, North Carolina State
Virginia Giordano, producer/director
Nancy L. Gippert, feminist
Miriam Glickman, member of Lamorinda Women for Peace and Justice
Laura Goetzl, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Department of Ob/Gyn, Medical University of South Carolina
Michelle Goldberg, writer
Jared Goldberg, blogger, writer, premed
Helene D. Goldfarb, treasurer, The Feminist Press
Jan Goldman, advocate against domestic violence
Nate Goldshlag, Smedley D. Butler Brigade Veterans For Peace
Deborah Goldsmith, instructor, economics and women's studies, City College of San Francisco
Dana Goldstein, The American Prospect
Janet Goldwater, documentary filmmaker
Beverly Gologorsky, writer
Carol Golubock, union labor lawyer
Jewelle Gomez, author
C. Danette Wilson Gonzalez, clinical social worker
Deirdre Good, Professor, General Theological Seminary
Jill Laurie Goodman, lawyer
Lucille Field Goodman, prof. emerita Brooklyn College, co-founder International Alliance for Women in Music; co-founder, North Fork Women for Women Fund
J. Goodrich, blogger, "Echidne of the Snakes"
Neva Goodwin, co-director Global Development And Environment Institute, Tufts
Mary Gordon, writer
Linda Gordon, historian, NYU
Emily Gordon, writer and editor
Kate Gordon, lawyer and policy wonk
Nancy Gordon, president, HAVE, Inc.
Vivian Gornick, writer
Janet Gornick, professor of political science and sociology, CUNY
Agnieszka Graff, scholar, writer and activist, Warsaw, Poland
Shannon Grant, student, University of Washington
Bev Grant, musician/activist
Ulla Grapard, economist, director of women's studies, Colgate University
Geralee Gray, master of auricular medicine and senior instructor of Tai chi chuan
Effie Greathouse, feminist
Nancy Green, RN, BS
Philip Green, professor of political science, New School
Charlie Green, teacher and writer, Cincinnati OH
Jessica B. Greenebaum, Ph.D., associate professor of Sociology, Central Connecticut State University
Karin Greenfield-Sanders, Esq., feminist and attorney
Craig Greenman, professor of philosophy, Colby-Sawyer College
Donna Rae Grice, feminist
Jan Griesinger, co-director, Old Lesbians Organzing for Change
Elisabeth Griggs, artist
Michele Grim, activist
Susan Griss, educator
Jodie Groff, RN
Atina Grossman, historian, Cooper Union
Pamela Grossman, writer and editor
Jennifer Guglielmo, historian, writer, teacher, Smith College
Margaret Morgenroth Gullette, women's studies Research Center, Brandeis
Audrey Habermann, student, University of Chicago
Marilyn Hacker, writer and translator, Prof of English, City College of New York
Amy Hackett, Veteran Feminists of America
Richard Paddock, WILPF/Triangle Branch
Bruce Haldane, feminist
Grace Hale, associate professor, History and American Studies, University of Virginia
Kathy Hall, Women and Population Program, United Nations Foundation, Washington DC
Jean Halley, PhD, assistant professor of sociology, Wagner College
Kalli Rose Halvorson, Herstar Feminist Astrology and Aum Maa! Music
Deirdre Hamilton, union lawyer
Courtney Hamilton, student, Santa Monica College
Carol V. Hamilton, writer
Signe Hammer, writer
Sally Hampton, writer, producer, activist
Sylvia Hampton, activist and writer
Cathi Hanauer, writer
Lynne Haney, associate professor of sociology, NYU
Phebe Hanson, poet & teacher, assoc. prof. emerita, Minneapolis College of Art & Design
John A. Hanson, farmer and laborer, Leland, illinois
Katherine Hanson, former director, Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Resource Center
Helen Hardacre, Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard
Janet Harlow, feminist, Harvard, IL
Diane Harriford, director, women's studies program, Vassar College
Reta Harrington, feminist
Ann Sutherland Harris, professor, art history and women's studies, U of Pittsburgh
Louis C Harris, Jr., MD, retired person
Susan M. Hartmann, professor of history, Ohio State University
Kristen Hartmann, academic coordinator, Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions
Mary P. Hartzler, feminist
Mary Peterson Hartzler, feminist
Phil Hatch, father of daughters, NC
Mary Hauprich, writer, firefighter, homeschool mom
Catherine Haustein, Department of Chemistry
Dolores Hayden, professor, Yale
Danika Hayman, BME graduate student
Eloise Klein Healy, distinguished prof creative writing emerita Antioch-LA
Hilde Hein, visiting scholar, Brandeis women's studies research center
Robin Heine, behavioral therapist assistant/parent coach
Christine Heinrichs, journalist
Dorothy O. Helly, historian
Vietta Helmle, former director Mid Valley Women’s Crisis service
Julia Henderson, art Edeitor/webmistress, Fringe Magazine
éE;lise R. Hendrick, writer and translator
Barbara Henning, novelist, poet, professor emerita, Long Island University
Justine Hebert, teacher
Robin Herman, assistant dean for communications Harvard School of Public health
Sarah Hernandez, sociology, associate professor
Holly K. Herndon, attorney
Teresa Herrin, AP Government Instructor, Houston, Texas
Cynthia Herrup, Professor of History and Law, University of Southern California
Rosanna Hertz, Wellesley College, Chair of women's studies
Edwina Hertzberg, professor emerita, Social Work, Augsburg College
Leila Hessini,
Gillian Hewitson, Franklin and Marshall College
Lyndi Hewitt, Ph.D. student, department of sociology research assistant, Global Feminisms Collaborative Vanderbilt University
Nancy A. Hewitt, History and Women's & Gender Studies, Rutgers University
Lucretia Hickerson-Luc: empowered by Betty Friedan, now NGO Director in Seychelles Islands, empowering girls and boys of/for their Human Rights, education and Artizan skills
Liz Hicks, pharmacist, feminist
The Rev. Elice Higginbotham, Clergywoman, United Church of Christ
Marianne T. Hill, Economist, Mississippi Center for Policy Research
Brandann R. Hill, feminist and writer
Carol Hillman, feminist
Linda Ann Wheeler Hilton, artist and writer, Arizona
Charlie Hinton, Inkworks Press, Haiti Action Committee, Berkeley, CA
Abigail L. Hitchcock, chef/owner, Camaje bistro, NYC
Patricia Hobson, Kansas City, MO
Merle Hoffman, Choices Women’s Medical Center and On the Issues magazine
Amy Hoffman, editor in chief, Women's Review of Books.
Lisa Maria Hogeland, assoc. prof, English and women's studies, U Cincinnati
Kathryn Hogg, student
Sandie Holguín, associate professor, department of history and women's studies program
Nicole Hollander, creator of cartoon strip Sylvia
Larry Holman, retired military officer, a Vietnam Veteran, a leader in the veteran community, a father of sons and daughters, a husband of a magnificent woman, the son of a very loving lady (may she rest in peace), the nephew of some terrific aunts, the cousin of some marvelous ladies, and listed in several Who's Who publications.
Nancy Holmstrom. prof. philosophy, Rutgers-Newark
Heidi Hong, student and feminist
Misty Hook, psychologist
Linda K. Hopkins, attorney, author, past advisor to Nat. Security Council and Nat. Economic Council, and board member, Minnesota DFL Feminist Caucus
Mary Lynn W. Hopps, director, W.I.L.L. Program, The College of New Jersey
Barbara Horn, women's studies, SUNY/Nassau Community College & writer
Ilana Horowitz, LMSW, social worker
Carlla Horton, exec. dir. Northern Westchester Domestic Violence Shelter
Geralyn Horton, feminist
Theresa Horvath, educator, Mercy College
Deb Hoskins, PhD, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Uwisc, La Crosse
Dove Hotz, Portland, Oregon; member: NOW, NARAL, ACLU
Karen Houppert, writer
Victoria House, software engineer
Florence Howe, founder, Feminist Press
Jennifer L. Hughes, attorney
Orion Hughes, assertive male
Judith M. Hughes, Dept. of History UC-San Diego
Deirdre M. Hulihan, Nurse Practitioner
Gerilee Hundt, freelance editor
Dr. Rachael Hungerford, education/women's studies, Lycoming College
Mary E. Hunt, co-director, Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual
SGT Jennifer Hunt, Civil Affairs Specialist, Iraq
Sarah M. Hurd, Board Director, Women's History Museum & Educational Center, San Diego
Wilba Jean Hussey
Shannon Ikebe, student, Oberlin College, co-chair of on-campus Amnesty International group
Jeanne L. Ingress, artist, writer, self-help activist
Ellen Jackson, children's author; member, Santa Barbara Humanists
Janine Jackson, program director, FAIR
Diane Jacobs, physiotherapist, feminist, and blogger
Gloria Jacobs, The Feminist Press
Eric Paul Jacobsen, teacher of English as a Second Language, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Wende Jager-Hyman, exec dir. Woodhull Institute for ethical leadership
Marty Jarrell, communications director
Jennifer Jaynes, massage therapist
Angela M. Jeannet, proud feminist
Margo Jefferson, writer
Estelle Jelinek, Ph.D., writer, Berkeley, CA
Gish Jen, writer
Carol Jenkins, President The Women's Media Center
Lisa Jervis, co-founder, Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture
Rayni Joan, writer
Maggie Jochild, poet and activist, Austin TX
Carole Joffe, sociology, UC Davis
Judith E. Johnson, professor emerita, English and women's studies at SUNY-Albany, editor 13th moon press
Carolita Johnson, cartoonist
Valerie Ann Johnson, anthropologist, Bennett College for Women
George A. Johnson, civil rights attorney
Nickola N. Johnson, artist, gamer, student
Kathryn Johnson, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, San Francisco State
Jim Johnson, political theorist and blogger, Rochester U
Colleen Kelly Johnston, activist for women and peace
Ann Jones, writer
Rebecca Jones, musician and teacher
Beverly Jones activist and writer
Irmarie Jones, writer
Erica Jong, poet and novelist
Whitney L. Joondeph, Esq.
Diane S. Joseph, law librarian
Kathryn Joyce, freelance journalist
Maryanne Joyce, attorney
Karen Judd, UNIFEM
Linda Jue, director, New Voices in Independent Journalism
Camille R. Juntunen, parent, educator
Christopher Kaasa, student/activist
Lisa Kahane, photographer, NYC
Claire Kahane, professor of English emerita, SUNY-Buffalo, Visiting Scholar, Dept. of English, UC Berkeley
Joanne Spencer Kantrowitz, Ph.D., writer
Temma Kaplan, historian, Rutgers
Michelle Karell, Public Services Librarian Intern
Lila Karp, writer, educator, Antioch University L.A.
Hon. Leslie R. Katz, Former San Francisco City and County Supervisor
Rev. Linda Pashby Kaufman, Unitarian Universalist Community Minister, Seattle
Valarie Kaur, filmmaker, writer, scholar
Barbara Kavadias, Religious Coalition for Repoductive Choice
Stephanie Kay, feminist
Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, Visiting Prof, Jewish Studies, Comp Lit, & History Queens College/CUNY
Joseph Keady, translator
Nikki Keddie, professor emerita of History, UCLA
Abigail Keegan, prof. of English, Oklahoma City University
Deborah Keenan, poet, professor at Hamline University
Kimberly Kefalas, attorney
Karen Keifer-Boyd, professor of art education & women's studies, Penn State U
Carolyn Keith, retired social worker/college professor, never-retired determined feminist.
Jodi Kelber-Kaye, gender and women's studies, UMD-Balt,
Elizabeth Kendall, professor, Eugene Lang College
Diane Kendig, writer
Joyce Kennedy, poet
Indra Kenyon, student
Jo Keroes, professor emerita, San Francisco State University.
Kay Kerriden, community activist, Petaluma CA
Claire Keyes, professor emerita, Salem State College
Robyn Keyster, ordinary woman
Farida C. Khan, professor of economics, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Bob Kilker, doctoral candidate, English Dept., Lehigh University
Kate Kimpel, feminist, activist, and proud idealist
Bob Kimsey, educator
Norma Kimzey, educator
Amy King, poet and educator, SUNY Nassau Community College
Mary C. King, professor Economics, Portland S U
Billie Jean King, athlete, feminist
Maxine Hong Kingston, writer
Laura Kipnis, Northwestern University, writer
Chris Kirshbaum, feminist
Shirley Kirsten, M.A., concert pianist, recording artist
Lea Kissner, cryptographer
Adrienne Kitaeff, writer
Carolyn Kittle, entrepreneur, supporter of human, animal and earth rights
Shari Kizirian, cultural journalist
Jytte Klausen, professor, Department of Politics, Brandeis University
Susan Kleckner, artist/educator
Marlyn McGary Klee, prof emerita, political science, Adelphi
Sharon M. Klein, feminist
Irena Klepfisz, writer
Christina Knapp, writer
Aerik Rowland Knapp-Loomis, male feminist
Eva Knight, retired paralegal
Christina Knowles, Greater Boston NOW
Yvette Koch, boardmember, NNAF
Laura Kogel, psychotherapist, faculty, The Women's Therapy Centre Institute
Andrew I. Kohen, professor of rconomics & women's studies James Madison U
Sonali Kolhatkar, co-director of Afghan Women's Mission
Joan Korenman, professor emerita of English and women's studies, UMBC
Mary Kosut, assistant professor of Sociology, Purchase College
Laura Koulish, teacher
Sarah Kovner, co-founder First Women’s Bank and NY Women’s Foundation
Rev. Janet Lee Kraft, M.A., Ed., minister
Kallyn Krash, feminist
Meghan Krausch, PhD candidate in sociology, University of Minnesota
Barrie Kreinik, actor/singer/writer
Bea Kreloff, artist
Irwin Krieger, clinical social worker
Juli Kring, Houston, Texas
Gabriel Kristal, labor activist, feminist
Helen Krummenacker, self-employed artist
Jill Kuhn, Ph.D., psychologist, mother, radical feminist
Cara Kulwicki, writer, blogger,
Maxine Kumin, poet
Madeleine M. Kunin, former governor of Verrmont
Reed Kurtz, student, Butler University
Demie Kurz, co-director women's studies & The Alice Paul Center, U Penn
Carol Kutzer, L.C.S.W., psychotherapist, Silver Spring, Md.
Natalie M. La Mantia, feminist
Lisa Lambert, attorney
Jeffrey C. Lamkin, feminist
Bob Lamm, writer and teacher
Anne Lamott, writer
Jacqueline Landreth, student, Brookhaven College
Susan Langan, Living Earth Television
Jodi Nunez Landry, feminist
Julie Landsman, author, teacher
Joanne Landy, co-director, Campaign for Peace and Democracy
Jacqueline Lapidus, poet, essayist and editor
Lucie Lapovsky, board member, National Center for Research on Women and the White House Project
Erich W. ("Ric") Larisch, retired federal worker
Deborah Slaner Larkin, activist,
Lynne Larson, elementary teacher
Sheldon H. Laskin, adjunct professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law
Stacey Lavender, archivist
Prof. Albion Lawrence, Dept. of Physics, Brandeis University
Briana Lawrie, director, RAWA Supporters, Santa Barbara
Ursula K. Le Guin, writer
Colleen Leggett, blogger, Donnybrook Writing Academy
Chaia Lehrer, social worker
Vicki Leidner, CODEPINK women for peace
Susan Lesser Leighton, feminist
Nancy Leonard, professor of English, Bard College
Ellen Leopold, writer
Judy Lerner, Chair, UN Peace International Action Committee
Viviane Lerner, Ph.d., activist
Maggie Levenstein, University of Michigan
Susan Levenstein, MD, physician and researcher
Tobe Levin, Ph.D., non-resident Fellow, W.E.B. DuBois Institute, Harvard University
Judith Levine, writer
Miriam Levine, writer
Sam Levine, humanist and feminist
Stephanie Saxon Levine, humanist and feminist
Ariel Levy, writer
Sara Catherine Lewis, MPH candidate, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Hope Lewis, professor of law, Northeastern University School of Law
Laura Liben, music teacher, lifelong advocate for social justice
Lyn Lifshin, writer
Jennie Lightweis-Goff, instructor of gender and women's studies, SUNY-Brockport.
Andrea Lilienthal, artist, member of Take Back the Future
Gwendolyn Limbach, student
Karen Lindsey, writer; adjunct in women's studies, U.Mass, Boston
Susie Linfield, journalist, NYU
Gar Lipow, System Analyst and Network Consultant
Lucy Lippard, art critic
Sandra Lippman, Realtor
Marion I. Lipshutz, feminist
Raina Lipsitz, aspiring writer and non-profiteer
Ardele Lister, artist/professor, Rutgers University, Dept of Visual Arts
Rebecca Littlejohn, pastor, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Nuge Liyanage, student
Judith Loebl, physical therapist
Karyn London, feminist, PA
Laurel Long, student and writer
Judith Long, writer, editor, The Nation
Catherine Long, VFA
Tami Longino, feminist
Laura Loomis, MSW
Barbara Love, editor
Vicky Lovell, policy researcher
Shelly Lowe, small business owner
J. Trout Lowen, writer
Kathleen Lowrey, assistant professor, anthropology, University of Alberta
Linda Lucas, University of South Florida
Kay Lucas, peace activist, writer, The Crawford Texas Peace House
Alicia Lucksted, research psychologist and volunteer, Afghan Women's Fund
Laurie Ludmer, member of the ethical culture society of bergen county, Buddhist and mother of three adult children
Bill Lueders, writer
Victor Luftig, educator
Katherine Luongo, assistant professor of History, Northeastern University
Ericka Lutz, writer
Rachel Lyon, 1st Grade Teacher, Brooklyn, New York
Marjorie Lynn, lecturer II, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Vajra Ma,
Christopher MacDonald-Dennis, assistant dean/director of Intercultural Affairs, Bryn Mawr College
Susan MacDougall, research asst., Ctr on Law and Security, NYU
Lynn MacGregor, teacher
Elizabeth Macklin, writer
Laura Maddy, feminist
Rosalie Maggio, writer
Frinde Maher, professor of education, Wheaton College, Norton MA.
Michelle Ullman Mahne, feminist
Nancy Mairs, writer
Stacy Malbon, writer
Karen Malpede, playwright, teacher
Julianne Malveaux, President, Bennett College for Women
Marvin Mandell, co-editor, New Politics
Betty Reid Mandell, co-editor new Politics
Joan D. Mandle, Colgate University, emerita
Darby Mangen, President, San Gabriel Valley/Whittier Chapter, The National Organization for Women
Paul Mannick, lawyer
Jane Mansbridge, Kennedy School of Govt
Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield, women's studies department, Penn State University
Karla Mantilla, collective member, off our backs news journal
Amanda Marcotte, executive editor, Pandagon
Jane Marcus, feminist critic, CUNY
Lisa Marcus, feminist
Leah Margulies, attorney
Susan Marine, educator
Laurie Markoff, Ph.D., psychologist and activist
Jeremy Nathan Marks, grad student
Lucinda Marshall, founder, Feminist Peace Network
Courtney E. Martin, Brooklyn-based writer and teacher
Danielle Martin, graduate student, The Catholic University of America
Emily Martin, anthropologist, NYU
William Martin, editor of What Liberals Believe
John Robert Martin, student, University of Chicago
Catalina Martinez, student
Daniel Martinez, J.D., Martial Artist - Lima Lama, Founder - The California Chicano Community Project, Inc.
Rosarie Martinis, feminist
Emily Lauren Martis, design engineer
Donna Masini, writer, professor of English, Hunter
Thomas Masterson, research scholar, Levy Economics Institute, Staff Economist, Center for Popular Economics
Patrick Mathieu, child psychologist, Hennepin County Mental Health Center, MN
Shannon Mathieu, NGO representative at the United Nations
Jann Matlock, university professor, University College London
Mari Matsuda, law professor
Glenna Matthews, visiting scholar, Starr King School for the Ministry, Berkeley
Gerri Matusewitch, social work administrator
Elaine Tyler May, regents professor, American Studies and History, U. Minnesota
Leila S. May, assoc. prof, English, NC State U
Erin Mayhugh, student activist
Stephen McArthur, hotline worker & violence prevention educator, VT
Carole McCann, associate professor, gender and women's studies, UMBC
Maxine McCants, PhD Educator Comparative Literature, Social Work/Psychiatry; former Co-Director of Feminist Press, former Director of Yale out-patient psychiatric clinic YBHSH, former assistant clinical professor Psychiatry department Yale Med Sch.
Paul McCarthy, Human
Eileen McCluskey, writer
Patricia K. McCright
Leone McDermott, librarian, Harry S Truman College, Chicago
Eileen McDonagh, dept of political science, Northeastern University
Anne McEneaney, psychologist, NYU
Judeth K. McGann, MD, Portland, Oregon
Karey Mcglynn, pagan seer, butte, mt.
Jane McKann, homemaker
Bettina McKelvey, librarian
Don McKelvey, feminist
Susan A. McLaughlin, business executive
Civia Mclean, public relations consultant
Joy McRae-Fox, social worker, Zontian
Dennis Mcwhorter, bookkeeper
Teresa Meade, history professor, Union College
Lorraine B. Medina, feminist, Hawaii
Martha T Mednick, Washington, D.C.
Gloria Meehan, Manager, Information Systems, New York, NY
Amanda Meglio, physical therapist
Sunita Mehta, founder and board member, Women for Afghan Women
Susan Meiselas, photographer
D. H. Melhem, Ph.D., poet & writer, New York City
Jennifer Melnick, kindergarten teacher
Roy Melton, sous-chef, feminist
Sally E. Merry, prof. anthropology, NYU
Barbara Mertz, Egyptologist, writer
Suzanne Messing, writer, activist
Ruth S. Meyers, Ph.D, psychoanalyst
Meredith Michaels, philosophy dept., Smith college
Sheila Michaels, feminist, New York Radical Women, Second Wave
Elana Michelson, professor, SUNY
Michèle Ceballos Michot, director, Opendance
Dorothy C. Miller, director, Center for Women, Case Western Reserve University
Marjorie C. Miller, professor of Philosophy, Gender Studies, Asian Studies, Purchase College, SUNY
Nancy K. Miller, English, The Graduate Center
Theresa Miller, Catholic Charities social worker
Dr. Suellen Miller, director, Safe Motherhood Programs Women's Global Health Imperative, UCSF
Sally M. Miller, feminist
Bonnie Miller-McLemore, professor of Pastoral Theology, Vanderbilt Div School
Armour Fentress Miller-Webb
June Millington, musician/songwriter, artistic dir. IMA
Jean Mills, writer, professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Sharon K. Mills, Attorney
Judith Mirkinson, San Francisco Women in Black
Duncan Mitchel, janitor
Karen Mitchell, professor of political science, Ottawa University, Kansas
Laura J. Mixon, engineer, writer, mother
Sarah Patton Moberg, writer and actor
Barbara Molony, professor, History Department, Santa Clara University
Alfonso Montelongo, professor, Universidad de las Américas, Puebla
Ellen Moody, teacher, literary scholar, George Mason University
Honor Moore, writer
Madeline Moore, financial planner
Madeleine Moore, jewelry design student
Brenna Moore, doctoral candidate, Harvard Divinity School
Robin Morgan, writer
Janet M. Morgan, Socially Responsible Business Executive
Dr. Sandra Morgen, professor, women's studies, Penn St U
Dana Morgenstein, writer
Linda A. Morris, prof emerita, English UC-Davis
Claire Morris Stern, former environmental lobbyist, Independent Scholar/writer
Elaine S. Morse, associate prof, women's studies, U Mass-Boston
Zoe Morsette, contributing designer for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids
Ed Moser, Roosevelt, NJ activist and retired Executive Board Member, CWA Local 1033
Eliza M. Mosher, distinguished university professor Department of English University of Michigan
Marnie Mueller, writer
Runi Mukherji, Chair, Dept of Psychology SUNY Old Westbury
Erika Munk, writer
Lucia Murphy, writer, NJ
Marta Murray, close graduate student in economics University of Michigan
Mimi Murray, Applications Programmer, Albemarle County Service Authority, Virginia
Carol Muske-Dukes, professor
Dixie Myers, activist
Marilyn Myerson, graduate director, women's studies Dept., U of South Fla.
Isabelle Naginski, professor of French, Tufts
Christopher C. Nagle, associate professor of English and Gender and women's studies, Western Michigan University
Silvana Naguib, attorney, Uptown People's Law Center, Chicago
Michele Naples, Economics, The College of New Jersey
Nana Nash, M.A., Portland, OR
Andrea Nash, educator
Debbie Nathan, journalist
Wolfgang Nebmaier,
Marilyn Neimark, professor, Baruch College
Gwen Nelson, feminist
Sean Nelson, student, USC
Marcia Newfield, writer
Amie Newman, associate editor, RH Reality check
Frada Newman, educator, mother, grandmother
Franklin Newman, novelist
Esther Newton women's studies, University of Michigan
Andrea Nicki, philosopher and poet; CANADIAN
Nora Niedzielski-Eichner, graduate student, Stanford University, activist, Students Active for Ending Rape
Mahina Nightsage, community organizer
Laurie Nisonoff, professor of economics, School of Social Science, Hampshire College
Mohani Niza, 20-year-old student
Kim Noble, fledgling radical feminist
Jill Norgren, CUNY, emerita
Janice Norlin, attorney, Salina KS
Liane Ellison Norman, writer
Jeffrey Norman, senior lecturer, English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Bonnie Thompson Norman, feminist, Seattle
Judy Norsigian, executive director, co-author, Our Bodies Ourselves
Debbie Notkin, body image/self-respect activist, publishing paralegal
Sigrid Nunez, writer
Alicia Nuzzie, feminist
Carie O'Cuin, SMT machine operator
Susan A. O'Doherty, Ph.D, licensed clinical psychologist
Sandy Oestreich,, president/founder
Ronald Olech, Marketing Coordinator, NYSTROM, Herff Jones Education Division
Becca Olinger, Early Childhood Educator and Artist
Kelly Oliver, professor, philosophy, Vanderbilt
Dorian Adams O'Loughlin, student of the Middle East and gender activist
Jenny O'Donnell, reproductive rights activist, Abortion Access Project
Alan Olson, Mustang Island
Dr. Paulette Olson, department of economics, Wright State University
Susan O'Malley, activist, CUNY
Jane O'Reilly, writer
Andrew Ortiz, counselor and activist
Richard Orton, Nagadoches, TX
Tedra Osell, PhD., writer, feminst, mother
Sonia Ossorio, NOW-NYC
Rhonda L. S. Ovist, Ph.D., associate professor, sociology, coordinator, women's studies, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida
Christina Pacosz, poet, writer, retired teacher, Kansas City, Missouri
Maya Paczuski, professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Calgary
Richard Paddock, WILPF/Triangle Branch
Leashya Padma-Munyon, writer
Lisa Palazzolo, Elementary School Teacher and Volunteer, WAW
Shannan Palma, writer, filmmaker, Women's Studies PhD student, Emory University
Pat Palmateer, feminist
Lynn M. Paltrow, executive director National Advocates for Pregnant Women
Marion G. Paquin, medical transcriptionist
Marilee Benore Parsons, associate professor of biochemistry and women and gender studies, director, Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL), Department of Natural Sciences, University of Michigan at Dearborn
Elaine Bernstein Partnow, Independent scholar; author of The Quotable Woman, The First 5000 Years
C.J. Pascoe, Sociologist, University of California, Berkeley
Laura Paskus, freelance writer, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Carolyn G. Peabody, sociologist, social work professor School of Social Welfare, Stony Brook University
Ellen Peel, prof. English and Comp Lit, San Francisco State U
Thaler Pekar, principal, Thaler Pekar & Partners, Hoboken, NJ
Gail Pellett, documentary film director, writer, producer
Lyn Pentecost, Ph.D., executive director, The Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York
Alison Pepper, educator, board member Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
David Percival, retired, Montana
Theda Perdue, professor of history, University of North Carolina
Kialing Perez, MD, U Missouri Hospital
Rick Perlstein, writer
Rosalind Petchesky, distinguished professor, Hunter College & Grad Center, CUNY
Sarah Peter, artist, feminist, philanthropist
Jean Peterman, West Suburban (Chicago) NOW
Andrea Petersen, attorney
Jean Peterson, assoc. prof. of English, Bucknell
Lisa Petriello, student
Maureen R. Pettibone, JD
Anna Lena Phillips, poetry editor, Fringe magazine
Lynne Phillips, writer, cartoonist
Maxine Phillips, exec ed, Dissent
Elizabeth Phillips, archivist, UC Davis
Maria Phillis, law student
Zachariah Pidgeon, student
Steven Pierce, historian, University of Manchester
Marge Piercy, writer
Kim Place-Gateau, educator
Letty Cottin Pogrebin, writer
Katha Pollitt, writer
Sophie Pollitt-Cohen, writer and student
Kathie Pomeroy, activist and volunteer
Carey Pope, MA, feminist and AIDS activist
Dianne Post, International Human Rights attorney
Michelle A. Potts, prof. of English, Maple Woods Community College
Jennifer Pozner, Women in Media and News
Katie Presley
Cherie Price, Western Defense Studies Institute
Patrick Pritchett, Lecturer, History and Literature, Harvard University
Gina Pugliese, teacher and activist
Diana Puglisi, graduate student in the department of Philosophy at Georgetown University
Laura Purdy, professor of philosophy, Wells College
Karen Pyke, assoc. prof, sociology, UC-Riverside
Jeff Quattrone, artist
Paddy Quick, chair, dept of ECO/HIS/PSC St. Francis College
Caitlin Quinn, student
Carol Quirke, historian, SUNY College at Old Westbury
Alice Radosh, psychologist/volunteer fire fighter
Rev. Katherine Ragsdale, episcopal priest, executive director, Political Research associates
Angela Ramirez, Artist, resident of Alaska, #1 state in the US for sexual assaults for the last ten years
William Robert Randell, amateur philosopher
Dana Raphael, Ph.D., medical anthropologist
Catherine Raphael, donor/activist
Rayna Rapp, NYU, anthropologist
Debbie Rasmussen, publisher, Bitch Magazine/Feminist Response to Pop Culture
Jeri Rasmussen, Minnesota, DFL Feminist Caucus Founding Mother
Amy Ray, Indigo Girls
Monica Raymond, writer, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Alison Redford, homemaker & civic volunteer, Wellington, Kansas
Betsy Reed, executive editor, The Nation
Claire Reed, activist
Amy Reeder, parent and labor relations professional
Joanna Regulska, department of women's and gender studies, Rutgers University
Amy Reid, associate professor of French/coordinator of gender studies, New College of Florida
Cheri Marlene Reisman, gerontological RNP
Gini Reticker, documentary filmmaker
Norman Reuter, Captain TWA Retired
Susan M. Reverby, McLean professor in the History of Ideas and professor of women's studies, Wellesley College
Jim Rhodes, Chicago
Bonnie Rice, president, Northern VA NOW
Cynthia Rich, author, activist
Deborah Figart Richard, Stockton College
Amy Richards, Soapbox, Inc.
Martha Richards, executive director of The Fund for Women Artists
Jean Richards, commissioner, Monterey County Commission on the Status of Women, proud Feminist, reproductive rights activist, women's history and inclusive language advocate
Mary Richman, lawyer
Chelsea Lian Ricker, organizer, 3rd Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights in Nigeria
Trudy Ring, writer and editor
Dave Rini, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
Andrea Rios, housewife from Santee, CA
Lilly Rivlin, filmmaker, activist
Susan Rivo, filmmaker, 888 women's history project
Sonia Jaffe Robbins, writer/editor, Network of East-West Women
Terri Robbins, microbiologist
Jane Roberts, co-founder, 34 Million Friends of UNFPA
Wendy Roberts, Software Engineer
Krista Robertson, attorney
Cole Robertson, Visual Resources Coordinator, Columbia College Chicago
Heather Nijoli Robinson, Equal Access Fund of Tennessee
James Robinson, software developer
Julia Robinson, grad student, MIT
Estelle Freedman Robinson professor, History, Stanford University
Yana Rodgers, associate prof, women's studies, Rutgers
Susana Rodriguez, humanist
Carli Rogosin, development worker
Wendy Rogovin, lawyer, teacher, mom, feminist
Debbie Rogow, co-director, Rethinking Sexuality Education Project, Population Council Program on Poverty, Gender, and Youth
Loretta J. Ros, national coordinator, SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective
Edith Isaac Rose, artist
Barbara Roseman, General Manager, IANA
Nancy Grace Rosen, M.C., counselor, educator, writer, Murder Victim Familes For Reconciliation; Murder Victim Families Human Rights
Ruth Rosen, historian and journalist
Eva Rosenberg, Harvard student and co-president of Radcliffe Union of Students: Harvard's feminist organization
Pam Rosenthal, writer
Victoria Rosenwald, RN MPH
Phyllis Rosenzweig, curator, art historian
Laura Ross, liaison, Indigenous Women's Political Caucus
Ellen Ross, Professor of History and Women's Studies, Ramapo College
Mary Ann Rossi, Ph.D., Independent Scholar
Martha Roth, writer & activist, Vancouver, B.C
Barbara Katz Rothman, professor, CUNY
Matt Rothschild, editor, Progressive Magazine
Sara Ann Routt, union organizer, SEIU Local 503
Donna L. Rowe, Ph.D
Hia Rubenstein, professor of Social work, retired
Lillian B. Rubin, sociologist & writer
Barbara Rubin, Ph.D., professor emerita of Women's and Gender Studies, New Jersey City University
B. Ruby Rich, professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Leila J. Rupp, historian, University of California, Santa Barbara
Mary Russell, Member of Judson Church
Rochelle Ruthchild, Rochelle G. Ruthchild, professor emerita, The Union Institute and University
Jennifer Rycenga, professor, Religious Studies, San Jose State University
Lynn Sacco, historian, UT Knoxville
Kyra Sahasrabudhe, public school teacher
Brynn Saito, poet and student, Sarah Lawrence College
Jocelyn Sakal, student and performance artist
Jennifer Lee Salazar, feminist blogger
Roberta L. Salper,women's studies Research Center, Brandeis
Eva Salzman, poet
Nicholas Sammond, Cinema Studies Institute, University of Toronto
Deborah L. Sams, feminist
Rachel San Pedro, social worker and feminist
Olivia Sandbothe, high school student
Marlene Sanders, journalist
Steven E. Sanderson, citizen
Bernice R. Sandler, Senior Scholar, Women's Research and Education Institute
Kimberly Sansoucy, executive director, Commission on the Status of Women, Cambridge, MA
Richard A. Sattler, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Montana
Keely Savoie, writer
Sohnya Sayres, humanities, The Cooper Union
Auburn Scallon
Kathryn Scarbrough, Ph.D. neuroendocrinologist
Donna Schaper, Senior minister, Judson memorial church
Danielle Schechner-Kanofsky, poet, theorist, artist, art & yoga instructor, Montessori educator
Anne Scheetz, MD, member and activist, Physicians for a National Health Program
Suzanna Schell, Quaker, mother, feminist
Abby Scher, Political Research associates
Josefa Devorah Bashein Scherer, student, wife, daughter, sister
Rachel Scherer, Senior Research Fellow, University of Massachusetts
Cathleen Schine, writer
Carol Schlitt, consultant, West Orange, NJ
Heidi Schnakenberg, author, screenwriter, journalist
Pat Schneider, writer
Anna Grace Schneider, In These Times
Miriam Schneir, writer
Cameron Scholtes, classical singer
Peggy Schram, Billings, Montana
Ellen Schrecker, professor of history, Yeshiva
Charlotte Schwab, Ph. D., author
Orit Schwartz, Occupational Therapist, Chicago Public Schools
Janet Schwartz, MD, psychiatrist
Mary Schweitzer, Ph.D., economic historian
Steve Scott, Baltimore
Deborah Scroggins, writer
Barbara Seaman, author and co-founder of The National Women’s Health Network
Rebecca A. Seawright, feminist
Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff, writer, Women's Space
Patricia L. Selby, attorney and engineer
Joy Seligsohn, actor
Jennifer D. Selwyn, PhD, Portland, Oregon
Samantha Sewell, activist
Jonelle Seitz, writer/editor/stay-at-home-mom
Deborah Shaffer, filmmaker
Kathy Shan, instructor, University of Toledo, teacher, Toledo public schools, OH
Judith Shapiro, president, Barnard College
Sandra Shapiro, feminist
William Schuller, feminist
Jacquelyn Shah, Ph.D., feminist, writer
Andi Shechter, writer, activist, feminist
Julie Sheehan
Stephen Shewey, photographer, human rights advocate
Ceara M.H. Shoffstall, stay-home mother and part-time secretary, Tallahassee, Fla
Mike Shriver, artist
Alix Kates Shulman, writer
Susan Shwartz, Ph.D., writer
Brian Siano, writer
Suzie Siegel, writer
Norman Siegel, civil rights lawyer
Leni M. Silverstein, LMS Advising & Consulting
Melissa Silverstein, Blogger, Women & Hollywood
Sara Simeone, admissions, Northeastern University
Simone Simmons, writer.
Erin Simonitch, law student, UC Davis School of Law
Barbara D. Simpson, social services, life-long feminist rabble-rouser
Kathryn Kish Sklar, historian, SUNY Binghamton
Arlene Skolnick, visiting scholar, sociology dept, NYU
Ronald A. Smaldone, graduate student, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Christine Smallwood, associate literary editor, The Nation
Jane Smiley, writer
Benita L. Smith, LCSW
Carmen Gimenez Smith, English, New Mexico State University
Ellen McGrath Smith, English/University of Pittsburgh
Greg Smith
Rita Smith, exec dir. National Coalition against Domestic Violence
Carolyn Smith, retired faculty, University of Florida
Madeleine Smith, research asst, Harvard Med School
Carolyn Smith, Gamma Omega Tampa Florida
Roger B. Smith, feminist
Patricia Smock
Aaron Kogel Smucker, substitute teacher
Viv Smythe, Founding Editor, Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog / Hoyden About Town
Jessi Snider, parent
Ann Snitow, co-founder, Network of East-West Women
Alan Snitow, filmmaker
Maggie Burke Snyder, actor, author, filmmaker
Ana Victoria Soady, chair, Modern and Classical Languages Valdosta St U
Melissa Soalt, women's self defense expert, Black Belt hall of famer
Patty Softcheck, Student Practical Nurse
Virginia Sole-Smith, writer
Rickie Solinger, historian, curator
Rebecca Solnit, writer, San Francisco
Alisa Solomon, writer
Henry J. Sommer, attorney
Amy Spalding, Media Coordinator Non-Broadcast Media, Paramount Pictures
Pat McKeown Sparks, professor, English, Metropolitan Community College-Kansas City
Sally Speller, supervising librarian, Mid-Manhattan Library Social Sciences Collection, The New York Public Library
Miranda Spencer, writer
Sandra Spencer, women's studies and English, University of North Texas, RAWA supporter
Karen Spindel, Passaic County Chapter of NOW
Margaret Spires, assistant professor of Spanish, Lambuth University
Dr. J. Spitz, School of Business, College of St. Rose
Janet Spitz, PhD., assoc. professor of business, Albany NY
Karen Spitzfaden, student
Susan Spring, parent
Kimberly Springer, American Studies, King's College, London
Harriett Sprouse, retired nurse.and feminist from the 60's
Marjorie J. Spruill, historian U South Carolina
Judith Stacey, professor, cultural studies, NYU
Adele M. Stan, columnist, American Prospect Online
Anna Stange, folksinger
Maren Stange, American Studies, Cooper Union
Vickie Sandell Stangl, Wichita State University, political science Dept.
Sharon D. Stanley, activist
Elizabeth R. Stark, editor, Fringe magazine
Bethiny Stark, activist, D.C.
Mavra Stark, activist, White Oaks, PA
Samantha Stathes, student
Joanne Steele, formerly co-publisher, Majority Report
Tom Steenburg, concerned male
Sondra G. Stein, educator, former director, Equipped for the Future
Linda Stein, sculptor, political activist
Gloria Steinem, writer
Michelle Steiner, mother, grandmother, veteran, activist
Robin Stemen
Kathleen Sterling, PhD, postdoctoral associate, Archaeology Program and Department of Anthropology, Cornell University
Sydney Ladensohn Stern, writer
Carol Sternhell, professor of journalism NYU
Grace Stewart, lecturer, University of Michigan, former director of Focus on Women Program, Henry Ford Community College
Kitty Stewart, daughter, mother, grandmother and writer
Catharine R. Stimpson, Dean, NYU
Judith Gold Stitzel, founding director, Center for Women’s Studies, WVU
Sidney Stock, activist
Patricia R. Stokes, Ph.D. instructor, women's studies, Ohio University
Laurie Stone, writer
Lillian M. Stoner, FVA
Emily Stoper, professor emerita of political science, former director of women's studies, Ca St U, East Bay
Rusty Storbeck, translator
Nicky Stout, feminist
Jacqueline Strano, graduate student
Diana Strassmann, editor, Feminist Economics, professor of the Practice, Rice U
Prof. Nina Pelikan Straus, Humanities, Purchase College, SUNY
Susan Straus, president, Working Women's History Project, boardmember NOW-Chicago
Chris Strayer, JD candidate (2009), University of Pittsburgh School of Law
Vivian Stromberg, executive director, MADRE
Kristen Strong, technical writer
Lydia Stryk, feminist
W.K. Stunja
Cheryl Suchors, feminist
Julia Suits, cartoonist
Christie Sulaiman, feminist
Justine Sullivan, social change agent, Smith College graduate
Anna Suranyi, assistant professor, Department of History, Northeastern University
Yifat Susskind, communications director, MADRE
Jaye Ramsey Sutter, J.D., writer, professor, activist
Constance Sutton, NY University, Anthropology
Morgaine Swann, H.Ps., Feminist Activist
Erica Swartz, nursing student
Haley Swenson, writer
Amy Swerdlow, Historian, emerita Sarah Lawrence, NGO rep
Kate Swift, freelance writer and editor
Sarah Swofford, grad student, U Missouri
Jean Sinclair Symmes, psychologist
Lynn Szwaja, president & chair, The Feminist Press
Susan Tango, teacher, mother of two daughters
Leora Tannenbaum, writer
Elizabeth I. Tarner, ED.D., Tarner and Associates, Inc. Silver Spring, MD
Meredith Tax, writer, president, Women's WORLD
Verta Taylor, sociologist, University of California Santa Barbara
Beverly Taylor, professor, UNC Chapel Hill
Astra Taylor, documentary filmmaker
Tuli Taylor, attorney, blogger
Erin E. Templeton, Asst. Professor of English, Converse College
Angela Terrell, artist
Rebecca L. Terrell, asst director, Center for Research on Women, U Memphis
Marilyn C. Terry, feminist
Catherine Tetrick, co-founder, Women's Community Education Project and In OtherWords bookstore
Bret Thiele, human rights lawyer
Mary Thom, editor, The Women's Media Center (website)
Ellen Thomas, research scientist (Geology & Geophysics, Yale University)
Amanda C. Thompkins, graduate student, New York University
Martha Thompson, professor emeritus, Sociology and women's studies, Northeastern Illinois U., director, IMPACT Chicago
Rebecca Thompson, cancer information specialist, plain-old-feminist
Jennifer L. Thompson, Ph.D., senior research scientist, DuPont
Lorna Thompson, co-director, Humankind International Kamilika Project
Pamela Thompson, writer and editor
Barrie Thorne, Chair, gender & women's studies, UC Berkeley
Aimee Thorne-Thomsen, executive director, Pro-Choice Education Project
Patricia Thorpe, writer
Jenny Thurman, children's librarian, volunteer coordinator, and blogger
Leonore Tiefer, PhD, Psychologist, Clinical Assoc professor, Psychiatry NYU School of Medicine
Karline K. Tierney, activist, member AAUW
Vanessa Timmons, Women of Color Program Coordinator, Oregon Coalition against domestic and sexual violence
Gregory N. G. Tingey, forcibly retired engineer, U.K.
Mary Titus, feminist, activist
Sally Renée Todd, pianist, Unitarian Universalist chruch, bloomgton Indiana
Claire M. Tomesch, mathematician, U Chicago
Lily Tomlin, actress amd comedian
Deborah Torgler, Lincoln Nebraska
Jane I. Toussaint, progressive, Tucson, AZ
Rebecca Traister, journalist
Chris Pedro Trakas, artist-in-residence, Stony Brook University/SUNY
Paula Treichler, professor, Institute of Communications Research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chris Trentin, feminist
Tony Trentin, feminist
Kay Trimberger, scholar & writer, Berkeley, CA
Chuck Tryon, assistant professor of film and media studies, Fayetteville State University
Burnis E. (Gene) Tuck, feminist
Linda Tuggle, realtor, community volunteer
Alice K. Turner, editor/writer
Helen K. Turner, student
Mary E. Tyler, journalist
Dr. Luzma Umpierre, Poet, Scholar, Human Rights Advocate
Rhoda Unger, women's studies Research Center, Brandeis
Nicole Urbach, pastor, Chicago
Jessica Valenti, writer/blogger,
Vanessa Valenti, blogger,
José A. Valentín, retired, program specialist, EOF Program, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ)
Dona van Bloemen, writer and human rights advocate
Marjolein van der Veen, economics professor
Tracy van Slyke, the Media consortium
Mary van Valkenburg, adoptive sister, Women for Women International
Lara Vapnek, department of history, St. John's University
Jane Vern, artist
Jacqueline Verrilli, feminist
Martha Vicinus, university professor, U Michigan
Elaine Vigneault, feminist
Michaela Vilhotti, director, Bateson Center for Education Services, Inc.
N. Vincent, librarian
Lise Vogel, professor emerita of Sociology, Rider University
Joan Vogel, professor of law, Vermont Law School
Beverly R. Voloshin, professor of English, San Francisco State University
Lenore Von Stein, composer/artistic director 1687, Inc.
Fahima Vorgetts, director, Afghan Women's Fund
Judith T. Wachs, Musician (Voice of the Turtle), Editor
Elizabeth Wagenschutz, teacher
Sally Roesch Wagner, exec.director, Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation
Diane Wahto, Chair, Peace and Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas
Viviana Waisman, executive director, Women's Link Worldwide
Elizabeth Wakefield, public defender/attorney
Jenny Wald, attorney
Gloria F. Waldman, activist, writer, prf emerita CUNY
Rebecca Walker, writer
Elinor Walker, feminist
Michele Wallace, professor of English, City College of New York and the CUNY Graduate Center
Nancy E. Wallace, activist, social worker
Alan Wallach, professor of art history and American studies, The College of William and Mary
Alexandra Walling, feminist
Joan Walsh, Editor, Salon
Mary Ward, Nation reader
Ann Patrick Ware, freelance editor
Brooke Warner, Senior Editor, Seal Press
Cat Warren, associate professor, North Carolina State University
Betsy Warrior, activist and author, Women's Educational Center
Virginia Smith Watkins; secretary, Veteran Feminists of America
Andrea Watson linguist/singer/seeking the divine feminine
Beccah Golubock Watson, Legal Momentum
Lucy A Watson, BSN, RN (ret.), feminist, mother, President Lesbian Health Initiative of Houston, TX
Julene T. Weaver, treatment education coordinator for adherence to AIDS medications and writer
Richard P. Webb, feminist
Ken Wedding, voter
Jon Wegienek, activist, Westchester NOW
Lise Weil, faculty, goddard, editor, Trivia: Voices of Feminism
Irene Weiser, founder/executive director, Stop Family Violence
Cora Weiss, peace organizer
Jessica Weiss, history, California St U East Bay
Susan Weisser, professor, English, Adelphi
Naomi Weisstein, professor emerita of Neuroscience SUNY-Buffalo
Grace Ripa Welch, National Board of Veteran Feminists of America, Co-President, Mid-Suffolk NOW Chapter
Sheila Weller, writer
Judith Wellman, feminist
Jeanette Wells, stay-at-home mother
M. Patricia West, Public Health Consultation, Philadelphia
Laura Wexler, professor of American Studies, professor of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Yale University
Vanessa Whippo, librarian
Corissa White, feminist student
Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, assistant managing editor, CosmoGIRL! Magazine
Terri Whitehouse, contributor,
Nancy Whitt, chair, dept of english, Samford U
Frances Cerra Whittelsey, journalist/author
Judith Wible, M.D.,medical anthropologist, feminist activist, Sugarland TX
Ellen Wiggins, history teacher
Jo Wilder, singer/realtor
Wanda Will, retired reading teacher
Rachel Williams, Peace activist and RAWA supporter
Wendy Webster Williams, law professor
Antha Williams, program officer, Beldon Fund
Megan Williams, executive director, Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Inc.
Susie Williams, graphic designer
Victoria Williams, student
Margaret Willson, international director, Bahia Street
Matthew Wills, citizen
Brenda Wineapple, writer
Barbara Winslow, women's studies and school of Ed., Dir. Shirley Chisholm Project, Brooklyn College
Gia Winter, student activist
Carol Wintle, Mental Health Consultant
Karen Brown Witzler, stay-at-home mother, homeschooling parent
Alice J. Wolfson, co-founder, National Women's Health Network
Meg Wolitzer, writer
Elizabeth Wonka, New York State Trooper
Jill M. Wood, women's studies, Penn State University
Cristina Wood, RN, BSN, wife, and mother of 2
Cynthia Wood, mother and blogger
Elizabeth Wood, assistant professor, Nassau Community College
Elizabeth C. Wright, professor emerita, San Francisco State University
Laura X, activist, archivist
Susan Yankowitz, playwright and novelist
Susan Yanow, MSW, reproductive health consultant Cambridge, MA
Natasha Yar-Routh, blogger
Jean Fagan Yellin, distinguished prof emerita, English, Pace University
Jason Yelvington, secretary to a public defender
Richard Yeselson, labor activist
Kersti Yllo, Ph.D. Dept. of Sociology Wheaton
Angie Young, filmmaker, The Coat Hanger Project
Beck Young, Women's Studies, Barnard College
Kara Youngs, middle school special education teacher, Brooklyn, New York
Deanna Zandt, media technologist
Kelli Zaytoun, English and women's studies, Wright State U
Elizabeth H. Zedaran, PhD
Ann Tonsor Zeddies, writer
Jacki Zehner, founding partner, Circle Financial Group
Sondra Zeidenstein, poet and publisher, Chicory Blue Press
Andi Zeisler, co-founder, Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture
Mary Zepernick, feminist
Laura Zimmerman, co-founder, Center for New Words
Elizabeth Zoob, clinical social worker

To add your name to the letter, please email your full name and how you'd like to be identified. Thank you!

[Note: Although it is dated earlier, this entry was created on February 25, 2008.]